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Thread: Laser alternation in FCS mode on LSM 710

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    Question Laser alternation in FCS mode on LSM 710

    We are currently using LSM 710 with confocor 3 for spFRET measurements by piping in raw photon traces to FRETBURSTS python library. Such approach works great but we want to use alternating excitation to get additional dye stoichiometry information. It looks like AOTF can be switched rapidly (<5Ás switching time is mentioned in AOTF specifications) we also have lasers, mirrors and filters to perform the task. There are no controls for fast alternating laser excitation anywhere in ZEN 2010. Is there any way to rapidly switch AOTF to rapidly alternate between laser lines in FCS mode (or any other modes, getting raw data from APDs)?

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    Grigoriy Armeev.

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    Grigoriy Armeev,

    unfortunately this forum is about Open Application Development, which uses Python as a macro language, and therefore only applies to any ZEN Blue based system. As LSM 710 is based on ZEN black you might have to use e.g. custom VBA macros.

    Please contact your local Zeiss representative for further details.

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