Dears ,

need help on tiles Image acquisition .

After positioning the stage manualy to a starting point , the stage moves 6000mic into the sample .
How can i make this position to the starting point of a e.g. 5000mic x 4000mic MosaiX ?

## Remove all open documents



Zen.Application.Pause("Move stage to edge of sample ")

## get stage position
posX = Zen.Devices.Stage.ActualPositionX
posY = Zen.Devices.Stage.ActualPositionY
posZ = Zen.Devices.Focus.ActualPosition

## move from current position 6000Ám in X
Zen.Devices.Stage.MoveTo(posX + 6000,posY +0)


exp = ZenExperiment()

exp.AddRectangleTileRegion(1,posX,posY,50000,40000 ,0)

# here i get the error message " the block index is wrong , it must be between >= 0 and <= ExperimentBlocks.Count
# ??? how can i set the present position in the ExperimentBlocks.Count , to start my MosaiX at this pos .

thank you

Kind regards