SmartTweet now available for free download

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SmartTweet now available for free download

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SmartTweet is an optional software to ZEISS electron microscopes. It is used to monitor specific parameters remotely.

ZEISS electron microscopes are controlled by a very large set of predefined parameters and commands. Often, it is necessary to monitor specific parameters remotely over a long period of time. For instance, tool owners may want to stay informed about the tool status when not present in the lab. In particular, automated FIB sample preparation or FIB/SEM tomography routines that run unattendedly overnight or over the weekend may require control parameters such as the FIB emission current while the operator is not in the lab.

Until now, such remote control was only possible by replicating the microscope PC desktop on a remote PC using VNC, Remote Desktop, or similar connection technology, requiring active monitoring of the parameters in question.

SmartTweet can distribute EM Server parameter values and associated error messages using the online social networking and microblogging service Twitter ( It generates and sends short messages, so-called ‘tweets’, that contain date, time, the parameter name and its current value, and the error message in case an error occurred.

The tweets can be generated by the user on demand, or automatically as soon as one of the monitored parameters has changed or when an error occurred. It is thus possible to monitor a ZEISS electron microscope world-wide from every computer that is connected to the Internet and able to run a web browser or a Twitter client software, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, without the need to login to a server, to setup remote connections, or to actively monitor the microscope.

You can download SmartTweet here and use it free of charge with your ZEISS SEM or CrossBeam system.
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