Manual white balance in Labscope not working

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Piotr Naskrecki
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Manual white balance in Labscope not working

Post by Piotr Naskrecki »

The manual white balance (while using Axiocam 208 color camera) is not working. It doesn't matter how many times I set it to "Manual" and select "Push", after a few seconds the white balance always reverts to completely wrong colors i.e., the automatic white balance kicks in and cannot be disabled. I was hoping that the v. 3.0.1 release would fix this annoying bug that makes my work impossible but, alas, this software is still unusable. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this bug or what alternative software I can use? A precise control of white balance is critical for my work.
Lester Zhang
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Re: Manual white balance in Labscope not working

Post by Lester Zhang »

Hello Piotr,

Thanks for the detailed question.
On our side, we tested the process, but cannot reproduce the issue as described.
So, it will be quite helpful if you could provide further information:
-> Do you use Windows version 3.0.1?
-> Are you the only one who controlled the camera at that time, it means no others handled on camera or on other Labscope at the same time.
-> There is a "?" button under "White balance" which shows the hints of using manual white balance, could you have a look and to see whether you followed the steps. Or you could try again according to the hints.
-> if the steps implemented are all correct, then if not switch to "Auto" again, the white balance should not change. (If put sample on the microscope view and want to manually slide the "cold/warm" bar to adjust according to your observation, then no need to click "push" button, since it means to do another "auto" calculation.)

Please let me know if you have chance to try again with further feedback.

Best regards,
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