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News! Labscope v3.1 has been released!

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 3:50 am
by Lester Zhang
The new version 3.1 has been released for both Windows and iOS(iPad version) platform.
Please visit our website for more information:
And download the latest software for iOS(iPad) and/or Windows:

The new features and highlights:
★ Licensed module Multi Channel which offers enhanced multi-channel functions, e.g. acquisition of up to 4 fluorescence channels + 1 transmitted light channel; easy fluorescence channels setup; pseudo color on/off; comparison view for all channels and also for report generation, etc.
★ Module manager and In-App purchase, where you can see module information, activate, deactivate, get trial and purchase.
★ These features are available: split view, magnifier view, graticule overlay, over exposure indicator and focus indicator.
★ Histogram is available for both live and image view. In global settings, auto min/max or best fit can be set.
★ Barcode scanner and foot pedal: you can use a barcode scanner (for Windows) or iPad's camera (for iOS) to set a file name or search a file. Foot pedal is supported for image acquisition.
★ iOS extensions: files transfer via Files App; support Ethernet adapter connection on iPad; AirDrop is also supported for file sharing between iPads.

:!: Please note: Labscope Mat version which has dedicated material applications with advanced MNA (e.g. PCB layer measurements, multiphase measurements, grain size, etc.) keeps unchanged, and it is still Labscope Mat v2.8 for iPad and Labscope Mat v2.9 for Windows.
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, and you could also consult with your sales representative for getting more information.
Wish you a pleasant experience with the new version, and your feedback is always appreciated.

Re: News! Labscope v3.1 has been released!

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 3:30 am
by Lester Zhang
The download link is available now to click to directly open the web-page.

Re: News! Labscope v3.1 has been released!

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:39 pm
by Antal Igaz
I tried today the latest available Labscope PC (Windows) with a relatively old PrimoTech (with camera tube).
The Labscope was able to read/write configuration to Primotech, apperantly indicated a good connection, however was not connecting to the camera tube. The camera has IP address (I checked my network with Advanced IP Scanner), LEDs at the ethernet socket are blinking, but no image. When exiting the configuration mode Labscope trying to "connect to microscope" .... forever, forever.
- Do I need to upgrade the firmware of the camera tube?
- What firmware does it need?
- How do I upgrade firmware on a Primotech camera tube?

Re: News! Labscope v3.1 has been released!

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:05 am
by Lester Zhang
Hi Antal,

Could you try to reset the camera or power off the camera and re-open the Labscope to see whether the situation is still there?
I will leave you a chat message with my email and my service colleague's email address. You could send to us images and more info if you would like.