Labscope for windows link brokern

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affan ardiyanto
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Labscope for windows link brokern

Post by affan ardiyanto »

have tried to download Labscope for Windows from the download page. When clicking on the link labeled "Labscope Installation File for Windows" it takes me to a "page not found" error page.
can you email the software for me?
thank u
Maik Drabent
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Re: Labscope for windows link brokern

Post by Maik Drabent »

Dear Affran Ardiyanto,

please can you post the link where you tried to download the Labscope software?
You should able to download it from the ZEISS portal. Therefor you have to register.
I have sent you a personal message with a download link.

With best regards
Maik Drabent
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