Time delay between tile images ?.

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jacky joy
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Time delay between tile images ?.

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I'm trying to insert a fixed time delay between successive tile images using the tiles module (in Zen Pro (Blue) 2012), e.g. for an experiment with 20 tiles, the stage would move to the first tile, then wait 20 seconds (or any other fixed time interval) and move to the next tile. Is there any way to do this?
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Re: Time delay between tile images ?.

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Hello jacky joy,

this should be possible with an 'Experiment Feedback' script in Zen blue.

I found:

which means: do the action each time the CurrentTileIndex (first, second ... tile acquired) changed

and the experiment commands:

By the way: This is a very uncommon requirement.
It would be nice to know the use case for that ;-)
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