Matscope version 1.0.2 released

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Matscope version 1.0.2 released

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We have just released an update for Matscope on the App Store:

Detailed list of changes since version 1.0.1:

  • Added particle and porosity measurements (requires a Primotech microscope with advanced network adapter)
  • Added firmware update function for the 3 MP camera
  • Added per-objective shading correction
  • Added showing value next to image processing sliders
  • Added previewing CSV file after generating it
  • Added saving newly snapped image to network folder directly
  • Added showing file transfer progress on Files tab button, so that the file transfer progress can be seen even while in another tab
  • Added showing metadata fields for stereo microscopes in JPEG files
  • Added sharing images with other apps and via AirDrop
  • Added possibility to delete an arbitrary point from a polygon / polyline / ... annotation and individual counting points
  • Added notification for report templates that have been modified but were created with an older version of the template definition
  • Added defining ROI in multiphase or particle measurements mode
  • Added exporting particle and porosity measurements results into CSV file
  • Added showing additional data in report generated from multiphase measurements
  • Added "Stay in Live tab after snapping" shortcut
  • Changed “objectives table” user interface to “objectives revolver” user interface
  • Performance improvements for multiphase calculation
  • Improved file transfer dialog
  • Improved thumbnail caching
  • Fixed incompatibility with non-English language versions of Windows when discovering shared folders
  • Fixed minor issues
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