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Matscope version 1.2 released

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:50 am
by user-3750
We have released an update for Matscope on the App Store:

Detailed list of changes since version 1.1.2:

  • Multiphase and Particle/Porosity measurements (Primotech microscope with advanced network adapter required): Template support makes it much easier to do similar repetitive measurements
  • Added Timelapse video recording for long-term observation of samples
  • Added Laser pointer feature for live tab and image tab (useful for pointing out image areas when presenting to a group of people through a HDMI/VGA/AirPlay-connected big screen)
  • Added a new streaming mode that can be enabled in the Advanced Camera Settings, which improves Live image quality and latency even further for Primotech microscopes on iPads with iOS 8 or later
  • TIF file format with lossless compression support
  • "Single microscope mode" was merged with the "Default microscope" functionality. Ticking the "Only use this microscope" option in a microscope's settings now automatically hides the Microscopes tab. Since the microscope settings can be PIN-protected, it is therefore possible to lock an iPad to a microscope, by enabling this option and setting a PIN.
  • Controlling of the Primotech 5 MP camera settings can now be locked to one iPad during demos / trainings
  • Applying a file name template to an opened image based on its metadata is now possible
  • Particle/Porosity measurements (Primotech microscope with advanced network adapter required): Separation of joined particles / pores now has undo/redo functionality
  • Update notification when a firmware update is available for the Primotech 5 MP camera
  • Added filtering files by current operator
  • Added search by filename function for shared network folder
  • The pinch gesture (zoom out) returns to the file list in split view mode
  • Added changeable background color for text annotations
  • Added microscope configuration button in Live tab and improved its icon
  • Added "What's new" page when starting the App for the first time after an update
  • Large video recordings (> 200 MB) can now be exported to the camera roll
  • Improved compatibility with some file servers (e.g. the built-in USB sharing server in some Belkin routers)
  • Improved compatibility with some WLAN routers (e.g. AVM FRITZ!Box) and the Stemi 305 cam
  • Improved usability for camera settings in Live tab, and camera image orientation setting in Microscope settings
  • 64-bit compatibility

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:52 am
by user-3750
We are working on a set of how-to videos for the Multiphase and Particle/Porosity functionality, including how to work with the new Templates.