Matscope version 1.3 released

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Matscope version 1.3 released

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We have released an update for Matscope on the App Store:

Detailed list of changes since version 1.2:

  • The ZEISS Axiocam ERc 5s (Rev. 2) in conjunction with compound and stereo microscopes can now be used with Matscope
  • Live measurements
    • All 2D measurements are now also possible on the Live image
    • When snapping an image, the Live measurements are automatically taken over to the snapped image, from where the image can be saved, a report can be generated, or a CSV file can be exported as usual
    • Live measurements are kept in place for the microscope you are working with, i.e. they do not disappear from the microscope's Live image after snapping an image or even after changing to another microscope and back
  • Scaled macro images can now be taken with the iPad's built-in camera, a Primotech microscope is no longer required for this functionality
  • Added manual scaling calibration using a stage micrometer (as option to using theoretical/calculated scaling) for compound microscopes
  • Added support for creating a scaling report, which improves traceability of measurements performed with Matscope
  • Added a new Multi-caliper tool for creating multiple perpendicular distances from one baseline (Primotech microscope required)
  • Improved usability of the caliper tool (Primotech microscope required)
  • Improved usability for Stemis: The Zoom x Objective magnification (instead of Total Magnification (incl. Eyepieces)) is now shown on the button, and both Zoom x Objective magnification as well as Total Magnification are displayed in the zoom slider pop-over and in the file meta data. We also increased the size of the zoom slider.
  • Improved usability for creating multi-point annotations: it is now possible to zoom with the pinch/spread gesture during creation of polygon and similar annotations
  • Improved usability for viewing reports: Changing to portrait mode by rotating the iPad while viewing a report is now possible
  • Added an option for making measurement labels and the scale bar background transparent
  • Changes to the way PCB layer auto-rotation (Primotech microscope required) works - it no longer introduces black corner areas, but crops the image instead.
  • Various other minor improvements and changes
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