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Matscope version 2.1 released

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:52 am
by user-3750
We have released an update for Matscope on the App Store:

Detailed list of changes since version 2.0:

  • There are now two ways of browsing your images in the Files tab: The familiar list view with details and quick transfer buttons, and the new thumbnail grid view, where you can zoom in or out and see just thumbnails
  • Automatic adjustment of settings according to your preferences help Matscope optimize your workflow over time
    • Switching back to the Live tab after snapping an image, or switching to the Image tab after snapping an image
    • Overwriting or not overwriting images
    • Changing the annotation color
    • Changing the text background color
    • Changing the annotation/font size
  • When importing images from the Photos app, meta data are retained
  • Improved usability for configuration bar code scanning
  • iPad Pro compatibility