Magnification Change

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Magnification Change

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Recently, whenever I switch the objective lens of the microscope, the current objective lens displayed by Matscope does not change. Specifically, it always indicates 50x and consequently, the scale is 20 microns. Can anyone please suggest what may be source of the problem and a solution?
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Hi aesir,

There are several possible reasons for the issue, would you please check the following?

1) When you are watching live, do you see a clickable (with button border) magnification button? If so, you may have the MNA (Microscope Network Adapter) disconnected from the software. In this case, please go to microscope configuration, and re-associate the MNA.

2) If the configuration in the software is correct, then please check the hardware connection between MNA and the microscope stand. The MNA is the small white box on the back side of the stand with Ethernet ports.

Best regards
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