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Upcoming Smartzoom Features (Release May 2015, Control exhibit)

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:25 pm
by user-4074
After having sucessfully updated nearly all Smartzoom 5 demo systems and the delivery of our first customer orders, we have finished the planning for the next major release of the Smartzoom 5 software. The release is planned for May 2015 along with the Control Show in Germany.

These are the planned features and improvements:
  • 3D Stitching
  • Digital reflex elimiation for ringlight Illumination
  • Contour length tool
  • Improvements on tool handling and tool properties (font size, etc.)
  • Improvements in the smart tools workflow
  • Other improvements and bugfixes
We know that there are many other topics which would fit very nicely into the Smartzoom 5 and we have included your feedback for prioritization of the features. Hence this release will make the Smartzoom 5 an even better instrument with exciting possibilites for our customers.