Smartzoom 5 Software Version 1.2 released

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Smartzoom 5 Software Version 1.2 released

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The upgrade can be downloaded here.

The software update contains a large number of improvements and performance enhancements of your Smartzoom 5.
Among those, the most relevant addressed functions are:

Shuttle & Find Module
- This version allows (with an additionaly purchased license) for optimized correlative workflows using your Smartzoom 5 in combination with other ZEISS microscopes

Data Export
- The Smartzoom 5 software now supports the export of generic data in the CZI file format

3D functions
- Profile graph moveable across 3D image with single handle
- New measurement tools avaiable in profile graph
- Expected value fields added to all profile measurment tools
- Acquisition and processing speed improvements

- Stitching results are now more robust

- Improvements on measurement tools, improved export
- General performance and stability improvements
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