Polarizer, Analyzer for Smartzoom 5

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Polarizer, Analyzer for Smartzoom 5

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Here a short describtion on how you can realize using polarized light on Smartzoom 5

EasyLED ringlight (with polarizer /analyzer using fixture ring 455182)

VisiLED BF 25-50mm: 417095-9225-000 >> 1,6x (36mm), 5x (30mm)
VisiLED BF 45-95mm 417095-9255-000 >> 0,5x (78mm)

EasyLED BF 45-85mm: 417096-9300-000 >> 0,5x (78mm)
EasyLED BF 65-116mm: 417096-9200-000
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In addition you need Polarization filter set "417095-9550"

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In addition you need Polarization filter set (polarizer/analyzer) "417095-9550".

Also 455182 - this item presently is not screwed(secured) to the objective , it is a close fit on the objective which can hold it in place but not scurely . A setscrew would need to be added to this item to secure it in place (machinist modification)
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Inofficial polarizer solution for Smartzoom 5

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Polarizer solution for Smartzoom 5: Inofficially, but successfully validated by Michael Schwedler.

Tested with objective lens 0,5x and 1,6x.

Not testet with 5,0x (fwd 30 mm) objective lens. Working distance might be to short.

Item list:

Ringlight for KL or CL 6000 / 9000

0,510 Spaltringleuchte 1500 ECO, d=66 mm,
9/1000 mm (D)
1) 435540-9005-000 340,00
0,556 Spaltringleuchte d=66mm (D)
zur KL 1500/2500
1) 417075-9010-000 494,00

Pol set for ringlight

Polarisations-Filterset S, d=66 mm (D)
bestehend aus festem Analysator und
drehbarem, ringförmigem Polarisator

CL 6000 / 9000

Kaltlichtquelle CL 9000 LED CAN (D) 435700-9000-000

Additionally needed: Schott Adapter 66/60 (connecting the ringlight with the objective body). This part is available only via Schott (see part number on package)
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