How to quote a Smartzoom warranty extension

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How to quote a Smartzoom warranty extension

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If your customers ask for a warranty extension, the recommendation of our service (Marcus Jacob) is to quote "Protect premium Smartzoom 5"

The article number and pricing are already established for the protect premium service contract:


Protect premium Smartzoom 5

Protect premium service agreement for Smartzoom 5.

Includes service coverage for the following components:
- 1 Smartzoom 5 Optical Engine
- 1 Smartzoom 5 Stand
- 1 Scanning Stage
- 1 All-in-One Host PC
- Objectives as delivered with the instrument

This service agreement includes our Remote Monitoring and Service package. To use this service an internet connection is required.

This product is serviced via mail exchange of defective components.

Since the product does not require regular preventive maintenance, such service is not included in this agreement.
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