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question 1.
With 5x objective I cannot focus on a 2cm high sample, I need to put something underneath.
In Focus field a value of 120.000 is written and it does not go any lower. (NO UNITS !)
Is it normal, or is it an issue of this specific system ?

question 2.
How do I get to meta data of the image (image resolution, pixel "scaling", ("pixel resolution")) ?
I could not find it in the software and I do not know how should I export my TIF so that I know the scaling.

question 3.
The scale bar is quite inflexible (it does not get smaller than 500um).
Furthermore I cannot move it by clicking in the middle (I have to select the left corner to move and right to resize).
Is there a way to make it 100um or 200um ?

Thanks for the answers !
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