ZEN remote for iPad - general info and download

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ZEN remote for iPad - general info and download

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ZEN remote: It's Easy to remotely control your experiments!

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With ZEN remote you always have control over your long-term imaging experiments, no matter where you are. ZEN remote streams a live image of connected ZEN microscopy imaging workstations onto your mobile device. Review the status of your imaging experiment, adjust important parameters on-the-fly, take a snapshot and share it with your colleagues, or simply choose the right moment to start, stop, or pause your experiment.

If you need to find a new region of interest on your slide or if your live specimen has moved out of view, ZEN remote gives you control over your motorized microscope stage with customizable step size and even by tilting your mobile device! Without the need for any additional software you are able to define multiple remote user accounts for your colleagues inside ZEN imaging software and manage multiple workstations directly within the app, making it the ideal tool for multi-user and core facilities.

The current version of ZEN remote connects to confocal imaging workstations by ZEISS that are running ZEN 2012 SP1 with Hotfix 5 and Remote Patch (downloadable from our website) or ZEN 2, e.g. LSM 700, LSM 710/780, or LSM 880.

Direct iTunes download here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/zen-remote/id920051626

For more information on ZEN imaging software by ZEISS Microscopy, visit http://www.zeiss.com/zen

For more information on confocal microscopes by ZEISS, visit http://www.zeiss.com/lsm

If you are interested in ZEN remote, want to request a demo, or have any questions or support requests please get in contact with your ZEISS account manager or use the contact form on our website: http://www.zeiss.com/microscopy/contact

This application is for research use only.
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