VB .NET Show Live Image

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Matthew Cottrell
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VB .NET Show Live Image

Post by Matthew Cottrell »

What is the .NET syntax for showing a live image in the Zen blue application that is equivalent to the macro command:

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## Show live image
live = Zen.Acquisition.StartLive()

I've added a reference to Zeiss.Micro.Scripting.dll to my VB .NET project.

Is there a different .dll that I should reference?
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Re: VB .NET Show Live Image

Post by CarlZeissMicroscopy3 »

Hello Matthew Cottrell,

there is no way to do something like

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live = Zen.Acquisition.StartLive()
in VB.Net (and also not in C#).

You always need a running Zen blue as a 'server'.

Generally, you can connect to a running Zen blue either via COM- or TCP-Interface.
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