Stitching Tiled image within Macro environment

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Aaron Skubal
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Stitching Tiled image within Macro environment

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I am attempting to use the Macro tool to process some Tiled images in Zen Blue within the macro, and I am running into an issue with the stitching. I used the record tool to get most of my macro written, but when it comes time to stitch this message is displayed: "# Could not record function 'Stitching'. The function is not available in Simple Interface or has a different name." I have attempted to stitch without recording, but I have been unable to find a suitable workaround. Is there a standard command, or set of commands that will allow me to stitch images within the macro?
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Re: Stitching Tiled image within Macro environment

Post by CarlZeissMicroscopy3 »

Hello Aaron Skubal,

Code: Select all

I hope this is the answer to your problem.

By the way: it is possible to search (top, right hand side of page) in the forum for 'stitching'.
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