Plan roll-out for market launch of the O-SELECT.

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Plan roll-out for market launch of the O-SELECT.

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Dear sales team,

We'd like to inform about the current status of the planning roll-out for the market launch of the ZEISS O-SELECT.

The O-SELECT was successfully launched last May at the Control Show for the German market. This was a joint launch (MIC and IMT). The O-SELECT is sold by both BG's and in every SSC the sales strategy should be agreed a define in alignment with IMT.

Currently another four other european countries (UK, Spain, Benelux and France) are preparing the Launch of the O-SELECT in their respective markets.

In the next months is expected that another european countries will also start activities to promote and sell the O-SELECT. The list of countries is not yet defined.

The global Launch of the O-SELECT is scheduled for February 2016. It means by this date the product will be available to be sold worldwide.

If there is any adjustment in the launch plan, as well as any news related to new countries where the O-SELECT will be available, it will be published in this section in FORUM.

If you have questions, do not heasitate to post here or to contact me directly.

Best Regards,

Isabel Hernandez
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Dear Isabel,

interesting machine! I would know:

1) is there comparing sheet for Zeiss and Keyence?
2) what will be the accuracy?
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