ZEN browser for iPad - general info and download

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ZEN browser for iPad - general info and download

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ZEN browser: It's Easy to Organize Your Data

Virtual slides provide you with a multitude of valuable data so you will need plenty of storage space and a good filing structure to achieve high throughput. ZEN browser organizes your data online and cross-platform via an intuitive web interface. That keeps your images filed together with metadata and supporting documents. The user management function restricts access to authorized individuals only. Use the free ZEN browser app for iPads to access your image database via a mobile front end. Now you can access your data wherever work takes you: just imagine presenting your latest virtual specimen to an astonished colleague at the next conference! You can insert annotations and view images in transmitted light and multi-channel fluorescence images with a Z stack.

Direct iTunes download here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/zen-browser/id665543029

Do you need to access our demo server platform-independently? Open http://www.zeiss.com/zen-browser

For more information on ZEN imaging software by ZEISS Microscopy, go to http://www.zeiss.com/zen

For more information on Axio Scan.Z1, go to http://www.zeiss.com/axioscan

If you are interested in Axio Scan.Z1, want to request a demo, or have any questions or support requests please get in contact with your ZEISS account manager or use the contact form on our website: http://www.zeiss.com/axioscan
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