Higher magnification lens

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Higher magnification lens

Post by Hironobu »

We had some demonstrations and IG before the demonstration. Some of them asked us about the capability to have higher magnification up to 2000x~3000x. Do you have any plan to develop such a higher magnification lens?
Actually, other competitor's like Keyence/HiROX/Olympus can follow this. So, now, we have to decline the competition.
Also, in case of govermental institutions, customers normally define the tender spec following the competitor's spec. In this case, if the spec is specified that the system should have up to 2000x, we can not have even the right to join the tender.
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Higher Mag lenses

Post by user-4074 »

New lens development has not started. However, discussions on product line extension and improvements are ongoing.

@all: Olympus' tiltable digital microscope (DSX100) can actually only go to 386x, so we are way better than than that. Looking from the application point of view, tilting really makes sense up to 1000x and a resolution up to 1µm. The Olympus DSX500 offers even higher magnification, but refers to different applcation of a more modern compound microscope.
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Need for Higher magnification lens/objective

Post by user-4099 »

I agree, I think we need an objective that can give us up to 2500x, that is, in my opinion, enough to compete with other competitors like Keyence/Hirox/Leica.
I used to work on Keyence, and on my experience, it was really rare that somebody working in quality control, QA/QC asked for a higher magnification than 2500x. They normally go as high as 1000x in magnification, a few go with 2500x; however, this is in Mexico.
Hope we can get something in the middle term.
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Post by user-4082 »

If we are looking at higher magnification, we also need to increase the resolution.
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