WLAN configuration

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WLAN configuration

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In the technical details, it is written in Performance-related info: “20 microscopes and 20 iPads streaming simultaneously have been tested on standard WLAN hardware. For larger installations, multiple access points interconnected via Gigabit Ethernet should be set up, and the iPads should be distributed over these access points”.

I would like to know in a case of a classroom with 40 microscopes and only 1 or 2 iPads, would it be enough with only 1 standard WLAN?

Thank you
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Hello Olga,

thank you for your request, and we apologize for the delay.

Yes, the number of iPads (which do the wireless streaming) determines how powerful the WLAN infrastructure needs to be. With only 1-2 iPads (or even up to 10), a single WLAN access point or router will work just fine.

Thanks and best regards from the ZEISS support team.
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