Smartzoom 5 application software hotfix to version available!

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Smartzoom 5 application software hotfix to version available!

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We have generated a hotfix for the current SW release, please download the file here (over 200 MB!), extract the file on the Smartzoom 5 PC and execute the *.exe.

Please make sure that neither the Smartzoom 5 Software nor the referencing applications are running while installing the hotfix.

The hotfix addresses the following Problems:

- When starting a routine examination with a 3D acquisition, the displayed result occasionally was a blurred image
- In HDR mode, the image often appeared too dark and with a glare
- Improved Emergency Stop handling: the optical engine waits for the user to click "ok" before moving back to the focus position
- Improved Exposure Handling for Stitching + HDR
- When using the "TrueRGB" or "HiRes+TrueRGB" acquisition modes, sometimes the live image stream froze
- Referencing works on all systems
- New online help languages are now available
- In the remote service, the stands serial number is now logged
- The Axeda Agent now shows the correct online Status

Please make this hotfix also available to your customers, e.g. by sending them the download link via E-Mail.
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