How Customers and Sales get supported

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How Customers and Sales get supported

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Smartzoom support is available by your local Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and by your local Customer Support Agent (CSA)

List of currently trained CSAs
Country Name
Australia Dias, Kevin
Belgium Hamelryck, Thierry
China Wang, Xiaoyong (Sandy)
Czech Republic Vejrazka, Kamil
France Depagne, Christophe
India Yadgirkar, Sridhar
Japan Kojima, Masahito
Hirashima, Goji
Korea Hwang, Sunny
Mexico Zalapa, Enrique
Netherlands Teunissen, Bert
Poland Szydek, Marcin
Russia Udalov, Andrey
Singapore Ang, Andrew
Slovakia Rozek, Juraj
South Korea Hwang, Sunny
Spain Basabe, Ramon
Sweden Wikman, Asa
USA Mendoza, Nelson
Murphy, Casey

In Germany please use the service e-mail address to contact the CIC:
or use the Hotline 0180 333 6 335

CSAs in Germany:
Tracht, Matthias
Dutschek, Robin

The interface to customers and sales is the Customer Interaction Center (in most cases currently the CSA directly, until the Customer Interaction Center is established)

Just for your information: Who is contacted by the CSA in the next step?
If the local CSA needs further support, the CSA fills out the attached form and contacts the techsupport (for technical problems and bugs) or me (for feature requests and application requests).
15-02-06 Smartzoom Service Concept (excerpt) zjerm.pdf
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