Infos about Dinolite Handheld Microscope

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Infos about Dinolite Handheld Microscope

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Dinolite distributor is willing to collaborate (in particular on add-on for SZ5)

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Please note,

a EU representative of DinoLite in the market of inspection is willing to collaborate with Zeiss and proposes to have hand-held DinoLite microscopes (various options) as an add-on for SZ5 system to improve handheld "functionality". The topic of SW integration has to be discussed with BS as proposed by Marketing.

Contact data:

Stephan Bayer
+49 2822 92707
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Dino lite can also do EDF

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see attached files
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"two microscopes with two softwares"

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Bruno just got a feedback from a customer about this handheld solution: "why having 2 systems with 2 softwares, when I can have only one" (he was testing the Keyence while Brunon was making the demo).

My feeling is that we should try to integrate the dinolite into our soft, or (I think much easier to implement) propose on long power cable (for the optical engine) for pseudo handhelp work with the SZ5.
I'm most convinced that very few people (if none) will use the handheld solution, but if we do not propose a "long power cable" solution then some people will not like our 2 microscope solution...
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Availability of Handheld boroscope as accessory to Smartzoom

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Any update available on this topic. With one of the customer (Maruti India) with whom we are discussing demanding for inclusion of the hand held Boroscope in our scope. Because of competition Keyence & Olympus wherein they supply as a package supported with the same software.

At the moment we are trying source it & provide as a 3rd party stand alone component to full fill the need.
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