3rd Status Update: News on Smartproof 5

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3rd Status Update: News on Smartproof 5

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Smartproof 5 - 3rd Status Update

Dear colleagues,

In our previous message, we informed you that we were committed to run a pilot phase with selected potential customers, to verify the readiness and competitiveness of Smartproof 5 in the targeted market segments.
Since the beginning of June the first systems are installed at an increasing number of pilot customers. Those potential customers (in Europe and US) cover different industrial segments:
• Aerospace
• Micro manufacturing
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Steel manufacturing
Although the experience of the pilot customers in using optical topography measuring devices is quite diverse, the feedback we received until now regarding performance and stability of the system is very positive! That’s really encouraging!
One of the pilot customers, who used Alicona in the past, told us: ”We can overcome some of the problems with our Alicona, but that (Smartproof 5) is faster and more versatile!” The same customer got really excited, when he was able to measure structures on his specimen, he previously could only see with an SEM.

Our next steps are:
• Finalizing open pilot contracts until end of July
• Pilot customer reports ready by September 15th
• Market and competitive assessment until end of September
• Final decision on the go-to-market-scenario until end of September.
We will keep you updated about the pilot evaluation progress!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Jena, July 24th , 2015
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