Tips & Tricks for Stitching

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Tips & Tricks for Stitching

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To avoid misaligned stitching results, follow these simple rules

1. Ensure that the whole image is in focus. Therefore you might use the combination of Stitching + EDF to create a fully focused image.

Set the EDF step size to the maximum, to increase the processing speed.

2. If the stitched result image contains over- or underexposed areas, reacquire the image by using manual exposure to adjust the exposure time better.

Explanation: Stitching freezes the Auto Exposure settings of the first acquired image. If these are not optimal, the complete stitched image will look poor.

3. Use Stage Based Stitching if the image still contains blurred, overexposed or underexposed areas

Explanation: If the image contains blurred, overexposed or underexposed areas, the stitching results may have some misalignments. This is because the automatic matching of the tiles might fail.
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