Zygo config vs Smartproof5

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Zygo config vs Smartproof5

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Dear Support Team,

I'm Huu, a technical support from VN local market.
In our country, we're having a case that customer's requesting an anti-vibration plate enclosed with the system.
I have gathered all information about the smartproof5 from our webpage, but it seems not mentioning about this matter.
So would you help to check which anti-vibration plate that could be possible for our system & also reasonable for the price too.

thank you for taking time to read and reply,
Thank you & Best Regards,
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Dear Huu,
We do not recommend any anti-vibration solution, as it is not required for Smartproof 5. It has passive anti-vibration feature included in the stand. Still, if the customer wants some anti-vibration table, just take one from the LSM 800 mat pricelist (but not the “anti-vibrations plate”, as these are just rubber feet for LSM).

Hope it helps.
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