Help resources in Labscope for Windows

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Michael Hakans
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Help resources in Labscope for Windows

Post by Michael Hakans »

In the latest Labscope for Windows Version 3.0.1, the link intended to connect to this forum is incorrect, and still links to the old forum location. This link is under the 'Publisher' tab within the 'Global Settings' menu.

Also this version removed the "?" button in the upper right corner of active windows, which provided the only guidance for new users. Is this feature gone permanently? Are there other help options planned for Labscope to replace this feature?

Thank you
Lester Zhang
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Re: Help resources in Labscope for Windows

Post by Lester Zhang »

Hello Michael,

Sorry for a late reply, since my service colleagues are quite busy recently and also in a reduced working time.

Thanks for noticing the link issue. Yes, that is due to the forum link is changed later than the release version 3.0.1 Labscope. But the next release version will include with the updated link.

The guidance "?" button will be replaced by some new upgraded guidance ways, but it takes some time for the new integration. So, it is in plan already.
Thanks again for your feedback.

Best regards,
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