Unable to Install CUDA-enabled version

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Abraham Moses
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Unable to Install CUDA-enabled version

Post by Abraham Moses »

I would like to take advantage of the processing cores on my graphics card when manipulating images within Zen but, whenever I attempt to perform a fresh install of the Zen Lite software with CUDA functionality, it rejects the CUDA-enabled version, and installs the regular version. My system is equipped with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 OC, Core 2 Quad processor, Windows 10, 12GB DDR3 RAM. I have installed all of the necessary CUDA drivers and software from Nvidia but, for some reason, the Zen software refuses to install the CUDA-enabled version, and reverts back to the CUDA-disabled version. I can still use the CUDA-disabled version, but the software hangs when I try to export a full-res image, and then I have to reduce image quality by 50% just to get it to work. Does anyone know how to fix this issue and make Zen recognize that my card has CUDA?
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Re: Unable to Install CUDA-enabled version

Post by CarlZeissMicroscopy3 »

Hello Abraham Moses,

you treat two separate themes in one post.

First, Zen Lite is a free but reduced version of a Zen including a license. And even a ‘full blown’ Zen would use the GPU just for some special modules. But none of these special modules is available in Zen Lite. Therefore, the GPU of your Nvidia graphics card is not recognized by Zen.

Second, exporting huge images may not work because of the 2 GB limitation of .Net Framework. Exporting images is surely not dependent on a GPU as it works just on CPUs.

I hope this clarifies the situation a bit.
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